This article looks at the different flavours of tea, their benefits, and when it best to enjoy them.

Tea is the second most popular drink after water. In addition to its delicious flavours, tea has a lot of health benefits such as helping in weight loss, strengthening bones, reducing the risk of stroke and heart attacks, and keeping you focused among many other benefits. Tea usually comes in distinctive flavours, with the popular ones being green tea, white tea and black tea. While all the distinctive tea flavours come from the same Camellia Sinensis plant, what makes them different is how they are processed. In addition, the different flavours also have their own differences. If you are looking to sample your favourite cup of tea, then a Brunch Hyde Park at the Royal Lancaster London will not disappoint. Read on as we look at the different types of tea and when best to drink them.

White tea

The main difference between the three types of teas is the level of oxidation they undergo. Oxidation is the processing of tea leaves to change their chemical composition, flavour and appearance. Oxidation can turn leaves black or brown, and it also affects their caffeine levels. White tea is the least processed of the tea flavours. Since it is the least oxidized, it retains most of its natural antioxidants. This also means that it contains the least amount of caffeine, making it the healthiest of the three tea flavours. Most people prefer drinking white tea in the afternoon.

Green Tea

Green tea goes under more processing and oxidization than white tea. After the leaves are harvested, they are heated either through frying or steaming. Since oxidation is minimal, the leaves retain their green colour. Green tea has an earthy or grassy taste. If you are looking to relax and enjoy a Brunch Hyde Park at the Royal Lancaster London, then you should try this type of tea.

Black tea

Black tea is the most popular flavour. The reason it is called black is that it undergoes the full oxidation procedure. This means that it contains high caffeine levels. Black tea is mostly enjoyed in the morning as an alternative to coffee.

Final Thoughts

Taking tea has a lot of health benefits and can help you relax any time of the day. While the healthy teas are the ones that are not highly oxidized such as white and green tea, black tea is also a healthy alternative. However, it is advisable to minimize on flavours that have a lot of artificial ingredients to change their taste.


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