Thailand opens up the doors to a new world of interesting mouth-watering recipes perfect for any occasion. This article looks at the top vegetarian dishes that you can enjoy on your wedding day.

When it comes down to planning the perfect engagement or wedding reception party in Thailand, every little detail matters, that’s why Lancaster Bangkok offers sophisticated and luxurious spaces and accommodations for your guests and organizes your food service so that you can focus on the menu. There are over hundreds of delectable recipes to serve, but if you are looking for only vegan dishes, this list highlights 5 vegetarian dishes that will definitely leave a lasting impression on your guests.

5. Thai Green Mango Salad – With Traditional Thai Ingredients, It’s Bangkok on a Plate

Thinly chopped onions, peppers, peanuts, and fresh unripened mangos mixed with herbs, spices, and freshly squeezed lime juice is the perfect dish to serve as an appetizer at your wedding reception. It’s tasty, vibrant, traditional, and makes a light meal.

4. Thai Pumpkin and Coconut Soup – Opposites Attraction

This dish is filled with hearty vegan elements that would make a delicious entree. The main ingredients are pumpkin, thick coconut milk, and curry. You can add tofu as a protein, as well as, sweet potatoes, yams and hot spices. It’s ideal if you plan on having an evening reception.

3. Thai Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables – Simple and Satisfying

This is a must-have on your menu because stir fry dishes are unique to Asian cuisine. It’s something that your guests may already be familiar with, and for those who are afraid to try new things, this meal puts them in their comfort zone. It’s also easy to be creative with, and you may use whatever vegetables you choose.

2. Thai Steamed Dumplings with Shiitake Mushrooms – Elegance on a Plate

With tofu, grated ginger, spring onions, white pepper, and shiitake mushrooms cooked together to create a delicious filling that is carefully wrapped. This dish is elegance on a plate. It can be served as an appetizer with dipping sauce in small portions or as an entrée with heavier portions and a side dish.

1. Pineapple Fried Rice – A Tropical Entrée

Your guests will enjoy fried Jasmine rice topped with chunks of pineapples, cashews, peas, and curry-flavoured sauce served in a pineapple. It’s definitely something new and worth experiencing.


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