5 Vegan Thai Dishes to Enjoy on Your Wedding Day

Thailand opens up the doors to a new world of interesting mouth-watering recipes perfect for any occasion. This article looks at the top vegetarian dishes that you can enjoy on your wedding day. When it comes down to planning the perfect engagement or wedding reception party in Thailand, every little detail matters, that’s why Lancaster […]

The difference between black tea, green tea and white tea and when best to drink them

This article looks at the different flavours of tea, their benefits, and when it best to enjoy them. Tea is the second most popular drink after water. In addition to its delicious flavours, tea has a lot of health benefits such as helping in weight loss, strengthening bones, reducing the risk of stroke and heart […]

What Is Hot Stone Treatment?

Hot stone treatment is a type of massage that uses smooth, heated basalt stones. The stones are positioned along the spine, along the legs, in the palms of the hand and between the toes. Basics of Hot Stone Treatment Hot stone treatment hallmark is the use of smooth, heated stones. Typically, basalt river rocks are […]