Lancaster Gate, one of the most iconic structures in central London is located in the Bayswater district. The monument standing alongside Hyde park gardens is one of two iconic housing schemes sitting at the north of Kensington Gardens, which is also home to the Albert Memorial. The structure has two long terraces of houses overlooking the park. They form a wide square opening in the middle where Christ Church is located. The terraces were initially known as Upper Hyde Park Gardens until 1865. The name Lancaster Gate was exclusively limited to the square, which Christ Church occupied. It derives its name from the gate entrance to Kingston gardens, which adopted the name Lancaster Gate as an honour to Queen Victoria as Duke of Lancaster. F. & H. Francis were responsible for the initial designs of Christ Church, but the discovery of dry rot at the roof meant a decision was taken to demolish it in 1977, with only the tower and spire surviving.

The Lancaster Gate – a cultural paradise

The Lancaster Gate was once home to the Football Association for 70 years before they relocated to Soho. When visiting Lancaster Gate, you will be spoilt for choice. The cultural paradise is easy to transverse and witness its beauty in its fullness, especially since there is a tube train running through its museums, parks, shops and restaurants, among others. A visit to Lancaster Gate provides visitors with plenty to see and do. It may even be impossible to experience all the beauty that is on offer. If you are looking for a place to stay, you may consider options near to Lancaster Gate such as Royal Lancster London, combining elegance with convenience.

The Lancaster – the grandest and most prestigious addresses

The Lancaster measures the entire length from the Lancaster Gate to the Leinster Terrace. It was completed initially in the 1860s as 15 6-storey warehouses. In 1920, it was divided into flats before being converted into a hotel in 1970. However, the hotel was closed down in 2006 and the entire structure demolished, leaving only the French-Renaissance style façade standing.

Should you decide to visit Lancaster Gate, London and its surrounding, you can be sure to be spoilt for choice, whether you are bringing your family, friends or colleagues with you.

By Unknown author – see above, Public Domain,

By Christine Matthews, CC BY-SA 2.0,


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