Kidzania is an indoor city designed for kids aged 4-14. It is designed to give your kids freedom to explore the unique city through a combination of fun and immersive play.

Why KidZania London is the ideal place for your kids

KidZania, which translates to Land of Cool Kids, is a unique attraction that allows kids to be in charge of a city through a combination of fun and learning. It gives kids a chance to learn about the real world through skills such as future careers, financial literacy and teamwork. It has some fun real-life activities giving kids a chance of trying up to 60 real-life roles such as a person opening a bank account, a beautician styling hair, reporting for a newspaper, a real estate agent, or a cop fighting crime in the streets, among many others. 

How to get to KidZania 

The 75,000 square foot attraction is located on the first floor of Westfield London, which is between Mark and Spencers and Gap. It can be accessed by tube, bus, train or car. There are also plenty of restaurants near Westfield such as the Real Greek, Busaba Westfield, Barino, and Tortilla Westfield London among many more. 

Will my children be safe at KidZania?

KidZania gives a chance to your children to act like adults for a few hours in a safe and secure environment. To ensure they are safe, all kids visiting the unique city will be given a bracelet so that staff can know their whereabouts at all times. They can only participate in one activity at a time before the next session begins. Only children are allowed to participate in the activities, but parents are allowed to watch at special viewing windows. 

KidZania is a unique attraction where your kids can have the chance to act like adults for a few hours. It also features lounge chairs, free Wi-Fi, food and drinks options as you wait for your child.

By Banej – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By ProjectManhattan – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


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